We Are Revolutionizing The Food Packaging Industry

We provide dynamic, cost-comparable stock and CUSTOM solutions in a compostable and recyclable fiber product! Performance of our fiber packaging is highly comparable with all other market substrates including plastic, paper board and especially imported fiber products!

We Innovate, Engineer and Design the Future of Packaging!

Fiber Lid on Fiber Base…
Leak Resistant!!!

Our team’s experience and expertise are unmatched! We fast-track design, engineering, prototyping, test-marketing, and manufacturing with the latest technology. We are cost-competitive while bringing a positive “let’s figure it out” solutions-based attitude to every facet of our process.

Our PFAS-free, fiber lid on fiber base products provide leak-resistant packaging that is unprecedented and unparalleled in the market today and a prime example of our solutions-focused organization!

Leak Resistant


Hot and Cold Tolerant

Contains Moisture

Honors the Food

USA Made

Our Fiber Packaging Solutions are all made in the USA! We start with responsibly sourced raw materials through our innovative in-house design, advanced prototyping processes, and state-of-the-art full-scale manufacturing resulting in unique, unprecedented, and conservational packaging solutions.

Our brand is sustainability-driven, using renewable, raw materials that are superiorly engineered to have multiple environmentally positive end-of-life scenarios while preserving food quality.

It’s about our imperative need to honor and safely transport food while preserving future generations’ capabilities to meet their needs from our conserved resources.

Introducing The New Meat Tray

Current meat trays use polystyrene. Ours reinvent all of that with our compostable and recyclable fiber trays.

Polystyrene foam fills up 30% of landfills globally (approx.. 1369 tons/day) and takes over 500 years to decompose. Fiber is 100% renewably sourced, recyclable, and compostable.

Polystyrene foam fills up 30% of landfills globally (approximately 1369 tons/day) and takes over 500 years to decompose.


Fiber is 100% renewably sourced, recyclable, and compostable.

Rev 1 tray packaging

Meet The New Food Bowl

Most bowls in the market today put heavy demands on plastic to preserve the quality of your food. Our bowls eliminate the use of plastic with fiber bases and fiber lids offering truly leak-resistant packages.

Some 12.7 million metric tons of discarded plastic end up in the ocean, and its production utilizes 4% of the world total fossil fuel supply, further emitting greenhouse gases into the environment.

standard packaging

Fiber raw materials create a sustainable circular economy from inception to end-of-life and not derived from fossil fuels.

Rev 1 packaging

Revolution is in Our Fiber.

Food Quality • Sustainability • Recyclability • Composability • Durability • Ovenable • Microwaveable • Freezable