We Plant The Seeds For A Truly Circular Economy

The Rev 1 Difference graphic

Our revolutionary process is a BOLD example of a true circular economy:

Our molded fiber packaging is sourced from certified North American resources in order to create a product that is independently certified to be completely compostable and recyclable, returning the material to the soil to grow more food, or reusing the fibers already claimed and collected for a second life.

We own the beginning-of-life, end-of-life, and everything in-between.


We Positively Impact The Environment

We empower individuals in their choice to be better and do better in protecting our environment.

Rev 1 enables consumers to improve their personal positive impact on our environment by supporting the choice to purchase foods sold in 100% compostable and recyclable packaging without the regular associated costs of sustainable, earth friendly options.

By eliminating toxins and pollutants found in alternative food packaging, all consumers are making the conscious choice to be a key player in cultivating a sustainable future for their children, grandchildren, and future generations.

We Enable U.S. Businesses To Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Many of the Fortune 500 companies have set sustainability goals that they are projected to achieve and exceed over the next 5 years. We can accentuate these goals and strengthen their overall positive impact on the environment by offering brands, businesses, and their customers a better packaging choice with comparable pricing to their currently used products and superior end of life scenarios for their limited use packaging.

Our fiber is not derived from fossil fuels and in addition to being certified compostable and recyclable, it is also “nonpersistent” in the environment. Even if it escapes normal collection systems, our products under natural conditions, will inevitably degrade, further enhancing our true circular economy.

PFAS-Free With Unsurpassed Fiber Quality, Functionality and Market-Compatible Results!